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Elevate Developer Communication with Chit-Chat – Where Code Meets Connection.

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Chit-Chat is a command line chatting software designed for developers to communicate with each other. In addition to being a regular chatting tool, it offers a range of interesting features, such as a ranking system for developers, a search tool for finding other developers with specific tech stacks, and more. Chit-Chat aims to add a bit of social life to developers who are often labeled "introverts" by providing a means of communication through a terminal.

Technologies Used

Chit-Chat uses MongoDB to store necessary data, Express.js to set up the necessary APIs, and the client interface was written in Python.

How To Install

To install Chit-Chat, follow the steps below:

  • pip install chitchatcli
  • Run the program: python3 -m chitchatcli

Github Repo

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